Homeopathic Remedy Protection Bag - Sienna

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Carry your remedies in your bags and luggage without worrying about mobile phone radiation.

Lesley Jeffreys Homeopath UK Handmade Sienna remedy protection bag (does not include remedies, essences or crystal). It has a special lining that protects the contents from the harmful effects of radiation. The lining has a metallic thread running through it to block mobile phone radiation. The bag is large enough to carry all Helios kits and Ainsworth's essential kit and have plenty of room for extra remedies, crystals, or essences you want to protect.

The spiral design represents moving forward in healing. As all life and energy moves, in an ever spiralling and forward direction. We only have to watch the growth of a plant unfurl from a seed to see this in nature.

Measurements – approx. 9" or 23cm width and 7.5" or 19cms height

Disclaimer – the bag does not protect against X-rays.