Companion Collection 5 Books By Dr. Rajan Sankaran

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The Spirit of Homeopathy

In this first book, Dr. Sankaran presented the idea that disease is a delusion, and it could be resolved and cured brilliantly using homeopathic remedies.

Hard Cover


The Substance of Homoeopathy

Is this second book, by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and in this book Dr.Sankaran shows how delusion can be classified using Hahnemann's theory of miasms. With numerous illustrive cases, he shows how this classificaton can be used as a map of disease to facilitate remedy selection. The second part of the book describes the classification of remedies into kingdoms. This book marks the beginning of the entire kingdom classification which is now accepted by many homoeopaths.

Hard Cover


The Soul of Remedies

Clear, concise, confirmed descriptions of the inner view of a hundred remedies, and how they express this in the clinical situation.
This is a companion volume to Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s earlier works, Spirit of Homoeopathy and The Substance of Homoepathy.

Soft Cover


From Similia To Synergy

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is a world-renowned homoeopath who has practiced and taught homoeopathy internationally for more than three decades. He began with a firm footing in traditional homoeopathy and introduced ground-breaking concepts such as delusion, kingdom, sensation, and levels. This has been an evolutionary process.

During this progression, Sankaran discovered that the secret to success lies in an integration of the original concepts of homoeopathy –  materia medica, repertory, and  case-taking – with contemporary approaches. To excel in this, one needs   a strong foundation in conventional homoeopathy, as well as a clear understanding of contemporary approaches.

There was a call for a textbook to take the reader through the entire evolution, as well as demonstrate step by step how various concepts are integrated in practice.

Hard Cover


Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree

If you are open to learn, everyone and everything becomes your teacher. Told through a series of fascinating vignettes, Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree brings alive Rajan's meetings with various people and situations to form a rich tapestry of his experiences. Starting from his formative years with his father, he takes us on an undulating journey where ordinary people, gurus, a tree and even a dog leave an everlasting impression. The anecdotes, steeped in introspection of ethics, love, friendship, passion, coincidences, criticism, challenges and spirituality, strike a chord with us all. The stories, insightful yet amusing, may seem unconnected initially, like threads of different hues hanging loosely, but soon they are deftly woven into a larger picture. It is a tale of personal evolution and spiritual discovery that both touches the heart and heals the soul.

Soft Cover


By Dr. Rajan Sankaran