Student to Practitioner 3-Book Collection By Misha Norland

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Get Well Soon- A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid

Perfect for anyone getting started in homeopathy or for those who want a quick reference guide to first-aid homeopathy. From boils to sore throat, to vomiting many common ailments are listed. It is written in straightforward English with few technical terms, so newcomers to medical and homeopathic terminology will have no trouble understanding the content. Written in good, simple English with 50 lovely remedy illustrations.

Soft Cover


Signatures, Miasms, Aids: Spiritual Aspects of Homeopathy

Misha's depth of understanding and philosophical outlook shines through in this wonderfully fascinating book full of original thought and unforgettable remedy signatures. Shows how a deeper knowledge of two key concepts, miasms and the doctrine of signatures, can enrich our understanding of remedies and the diseased states we encounter in our patients. It also helps bridge the gap between spiritual and scientific worldviews.

Soft Cover


The Four Elements in Homeopathy- Mappa Mundi of Elements and Associated Temperaments

Misha Norland in collaboration with Mani Norland An extended update of the popular booklet Mappa Mundi and the Dynamics of Change. It gathers and fuses ancient wisdom with contemporary ideas to present us with a unique visual tool that will aid healers in perceiving the central dynamics of any case. This book places the homeopathic remedy quest within wider context of life and nature, and illustrates how this enlarged understanding can be applied to help the student or practitioner view homeopathic philosophy, materia medica and case work from a 'new' perspective. It also illuminates many remedies and provides a clear guide to potency selection.

Soft Cover


By Misha Norland, Founder of the School of Homeopathy, homeopathic practicioner and teacher internationally.