Synergy Series 3 Books By Dr. Rajan Sankaran

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The Synergy in Homeopathy

The originator of the Sensation Method, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, has always maintained that symptoms and system are two sides of same coin and that success results from an integrated approach. It is like using both the left and right sides of the brain; both the factual and conceptual aspects of the patient and remedy have to be seen together.

The knowledge and understanding found in old masters like C. M. Boger is now explained in detail in this book. Through illustrative cases, Rajan Sankaran demonstrates the secret of success with the integrated approach. Through a seamless blending of the old and new, the symptom and system, conventional and contemporary, the results are proof of a quantum leap in homoeopathic practice.

Hard Cover


Synergy Synopsis

Synergy denotes the coming together of two or more things to create an effect that is much greater than their sum. In Homoeopathic practice, using different approaches in tandem produces the best results. The utilization of traditional Homoeopathic tools such as Materia Medica and the Repertory (left-brain approach) in combination with modern homeopathic approaches such as Sensation and Kingdom understanding (right-brain concepts) generate the most success. This idea, termed Synergy, has evolved over the last three decades and has come to a very effective position. It is also a comprehensive and inclusive way, and uses all possible approaches together. This also gives a flexibility in case-taking and analysis. This is a system that can be taught, practised and replicated successfully. This small book, updated with the latest developments, is intended to be a ready reference guide for participants who attend seminars and for others who wish to have an overview of this system of practice.

Hard Cover


From Similia To Synergy

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is a world-renowned homoeopath who has practiced and taught homoeopathy internationally for more than three decades. He began with a firm footing in traditional homoeopathy and introduced ground-breaking concepts such as delusion, kingdom, sensation, and levels. This has been an evolutionary process.

During this progression, Sankaran discovered that the secret to success lies in an integration of the original concepts of homoeopathy –  materia medica, repertory, and  case-taking – with contemporary approaches. To excel in this, one needs   a strong foundation in conventional homoeopathy, as well as a clear understanding of contemporary approaches.

There was a call for a textbook to take the reader through the entire evolution, as well as demonstrate step by step how various concepts are integrated in practice.

Hard Cover


By Dr. Rajan Sankaran