Pediatrics A-Z , with Gheorghe Jurj, MD, PhD A 15-part Series

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A 15-part series with more than 180 hours of instruction, including many live patient cases on video.

ACHENA Approved for 147 Hours (12 modules) Approval Pending for modules #13 - 15

WHN is extremely excited to present an outstanding course with Dr. Gheorghe Jurj ~ Pediatrics A - Z!

In this course, Dr. Jurj shares an important body of essential materia medica, patient tips and clinical insights.

Please note that all sessions will be recorded and available for you to review as many times as you would like. The recordings do not expire and will become an important part of your Homeopathic library, available to you whenever you need them.

Topics we will cover in this course

  • Specifics of the pediatric consultation: nonverbal signs, genetic influences, dealing with parents, eliciting the specific signs and symptoms. Seeing and understanding peculiarities, significance of the main complaint, trustworthy information.
  • Child development, evolution, and homeopathy: milestones of the growth process, understanding children in evolution, how children grow with homeopathy. Adaptation issues (school, moving, etc.).
  • Constitutional and acute prescribing: significance of acutes, situational remedies, complementary remedies, decompensation, management of trivial but disturbing conditions.
  • Exploring of select ‘children’s’ remedies: face and gaze, behavior, posture, pathologies, constitutions, hands, skin.
  • Selected disease conditions & special disorders: dermatitis, autism, retardation, severe genetic or immune disorders, tetra paresis.