Vithoulkas Compass Professional Unlimited Plan Zone One Online Software

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Vithoulkas Compass Professional Online Software

Zone One for USA, Europe, Canada and developed Countries for a maximun of 12 months (1 Year).

'The Unlimited Plan' VC is a next-generation expert system. Designed to effectively support practitioners of classical homeopathy in deciding which remedy to prescribe to their patients. It incorporates several features and tools that make the practice of homeopathy not only easier and more successful but also a constant learning experience. The expert system emulates the thinking process of a master homeopath in many ways. The analysis of thousands of actual cases and guidance by Professor George Vithoulkas has resulted in a performance that is clearly above anything previously available. VC is a web-based application accessible from many web-capable devices, with no need for software download or installation. It is a live system that is constantly improved based upon analysis of the results of the users and ongoing research into the complex nature of homeopathy. Quality and confirmation of data are our top priorities, not quantity or speculative inclusion. Every feature of the VC toolbox was conceived and designed for maximum support in finding and confirming the optimal remedy for each case while at the same time sharpening your skills and improving your productivity.

Below are the main features of VC: 

Advanced Expert System 

Highly confirmed repertory 

Acute Pathologies Expert System 

Differential and Specific Remedy Analysis modes 

Synapse Workflow Options 

Dynamic Repertory Metadata 

Unique Advanced Tools 

Online Materia Medicas 

Consultation Templates 

Export Case functionality to file 

Collaboration between users 

Possibility for active participation in the VC project

Web-based and Available Online for any Device 

User-friendly, simple, intuitive graphical user interface 

Multilanguage Support 

Case histories are anonymously stored online 

Pro Search search engine specially developed for Homeopaths

Raise Your Success Rate in Homeopathic Practice!