Homeopathic Provings with Alastair Gray

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Six webinar sessions (12 hours) for homeopaths, naturopaths and other committed health care providers. To make excellent prescriptions each practitioner must be able to rely on homeopathy's most basic tool: materia medica. Yet many today have no idea where this fundamental information derives from. This course provides a working knowledge of exactly how remedy profiles are created, what can and cannot be relied upon in our literature, and most importantly, how this knowledge can translate to success in homeopathic practice.

This course offers you: Comfort and ease distilling reliable (and speculative) information from homeopathic texts. Increased understanding of materia medica and repertory (by understanding how both are created.) Improved prescribing success. An infectious excitement for homeopathic provings! In these lively, interactive sessions with Alastair Gray, course participants explore the world of homeopathic provings old and new, investigate the origins of materia medica and repertory symptoms, and explore the significance of modern 'best practice' in provings as it relates to successful clinical outcomes. Materia medica profiles and cases of Moreton Bay Fig, Box Jellyfish, White Tailed Spider, Kowhai, Kauri, Tuberculinum, among many others are sprinkled throughout the course, anchoring the concepts presented.